To Gwen Schultz:

As I am not at all good at goodbyes, this is my easy out the door solution . If I was into making speeches I guess I'd say something like this:

Gwen, thank you for welcoming me into your company. I have watched your indomitable spirit in action and have to say you're a wonderful example of a professional at work. Thank you Marianne for your insistence on the "right" way of doing any business, and thank you to the truly remarkable group of real estate professionals who work here who helped this old dog learn some neat new tricks. (You know who you are.)

All the best,

Sandra L. Rice

Hello Gwen

My name is Steven Topper and, while I reside in New York, I'm in the process of selling a home in New Bern.  I know I needn't communicate how difficult selling a home (my aunt passed in February and I am the executor of her estate) from afar is -- it's likely commonplace to you, but to me the indigenous regulations and the difficulty in providing access for the myriad of required activity has been pretty daunting.

Because I must have done something in my life warranting reward, God sent me an angel in the person of Leontine Zambrano.  Saying Leontine has personified going 'above and beyond' in terms of client service doesn't begin to do her justice.  As every hurdle surfaced in my path, Leontine helped me clear each -- and did so without ever making me feel uninformed (North Carolina has some MAJOR real estate law differences compared to New York), guilty or inadequate.  Leontine explained things to me every step and, just when I couldn't imagine how I'd solve long-distance problems involving repairs, contractors, banking or even cable equipment, Leontine provided solutions.

The fact that Leontine never make me feel beholden to her doesn't change the fact that I truly am - - she not only exemplifies client service, she sets new standards for it.

I'm amazed, I'm completely satisfied -- but mostly I'm eternally grateful.

Just making sure you know.

Steven Topper

Deborah Shirk,  was assigned as my agent through USAA and she was excellent.  She was very helpful and professional and made the entire process much easier.  Her experience was very helpful to us as first time buyers as she able to give us valuable advice and opinions when we needed them.  We were moving from CA to NC and wanted to move into our new home when we arrived, so I flew out for four days to look at houses a couple months before our move.  Deborah not only cleared her busy schedule for me but she also encouraged me to expand my search to areas I had not initially shopped in, which ultimately led to my finding the home we now live in.  Living in CA meant the entire process (with the exception of closing) had to be completed electronically and over the phone.  Deborah was very accommodating, as well as responsive to my questions which usually came in the form of late night texts when I neglected to think about the three hour time difference  I would recommend Deborah to anyone, especially first time buyers.

Rated 5 star in Zillow on: Deborah Shirk

To: Chad Howery:

We wanted to take a moment to again express our deep appreciation for your efforts and support during the purchase of our home. 
We could not have done it without you ( quite literally! )

We really enjoyed the basket! Thanks again!


Jesse and Chantel Anstine.

TO: Ric Fountain

Moving from California to North Carolina is stressful enough without adding the addition of buying a house.  Ric and his team came highly recommended from a friend in California.  Most of our communication was done via phone or email while we were still getting ready to move.  From the first phone call Ric worked hard to help us find the perfect house.  Even with all the obstacles and limited time, with the help of Ric and his team we were able to close on our wonderful house before we even began our move here to North Carolina.
Truly a remarkable experience and highly recommended.  Ric went out of his way to help us with the purchase and closing of our beautiful home.

Thank you,
Chris and Christi Davis

From: Marlene Szommer

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Steven McCurdy!!  He's the best, very honest and straight forward.  He was patient with me given my crazy schedule and showed several homes.
He knew exactly what I wanted and found it and stayed in my price range also.  He's a very busy man too as we all are but he was always there when I had a random silly question too.  He's awesome in every way and what I loved the most was he wasn't pushy at all and he's very humble honest man.  He helped me with ways to improve my credit score and never lost contact with me over the months that took to get perfected credit too. 


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